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Bring geo into the WordPress World


Don't just embed your maps like you would a video. Integrate your spatial data with your WordPress content and access it from within WordPress itself.

What is SavvyMapper?

SavvyMapper is a plugin that acts as bridge between WordPress and GIS data sources. It lets you associate a particular GIS data source with a specific WordPress post type. With that configuration in place, SavvyMapper provides an easy to use metabox and shortcodes.

Using SavvyMapper with CartoDB

This video and tutorial will show you how you can use SavvyMapper to integrate data from your CartoDB account into WordPress.

There are three main steps in the tutorial: 1) Setup, 2) Configuring SavvyMapper and 3) Using SavvyMapper.

It’s a simple process. Come follow the tutorial for details.

Why Did We Make SavvyMapper?

GIS and WordPress are everywhere, except with each other There’s so much cool stuff going on in geographic information science (GIS) these days, it’s amazing. The price of processing power, data storage and fast network connections continue to drop, making desktop and web GIS accessible and familiar to anyone with a phone or desktop computer. […]

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